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Monitoring and Evaluation for Future Impact in Senegal

Since 2015, we have provided flexible, demand-driven, technical, analytic, evaluation and support services for performance management and activity design to USAID/Senegal.

The Senegal Mission-Wide Monitoring and Evaluation project aims to inform performance management at all levels, helping the Mission to meet Agency requirements, make better-informed strategic and management decisions and advance learning.

The largest task managed by the project team to date is a nationwide out-of-school children and youth study, which included data collection and analysis for over 9,000 households across all 14 regions.

However, our work doesn’t end with the completion of the assigned task. To determine if and how the reports and evaluations helped the Mission make better-informed strategic and management decisions, we organize meetings with technical teams to understand whether the products have been used, and if so, how.

Through this process, we learned that this information had directly supported the future design and management of projects and activities. These “usability” meetings also afforded the team an opportunity to provide recommendations for the next phase of the project and discuss potential new tasks for the future.