Public Sector Management

Effective public sector management and central government institutions are at the core of sustainable development and national stability.MSI assists governments to improve management, administration and performance of ministries and executive agencies, making improvements in systems, skills, organizational structures and incentives.

We developed tools and approaches for assessing the performance of ministries and departments, allowing for greater capacity building and reform. These specialized methods align systems and structures with legislative mandates and administration priorities, business process reengineering, capacity development, employee and stakeholder participation and performance management.

We specialize in rebuilding and reform of executive branch institutions and public management capacity in post-conflict or mismanaged countries.

For our major public management efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia and Sierra Leone, we designed and implemented comprehensive programs in ministerial capacity building, civil service reform, public management training, policy management, leadership development, performance monitoring, donor coordination and government integrity.

In Iraq, MSI helped train more than 105,000 ministry officials in all 18 provinces and ministries.

MSI advises and assists countries to reform their procedures for hiring, retaining, training, motivating, certifying, compensating and assessing civil servants. We help governments to draft, build support for, and implement modern civil service laws, regulations and oversight organizations.

MSI is a leader in the application of results-based management to public sector organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Our interventions help organizations to set clear objectives and plans, ensure commitment to those objectives, establish meaningful metrics and monitoring systems, link budgets to performance, organize teams and incentives to reflect organizational priorities and establish systems for public dialogue and accountability.