Scaling Up & Engaging Marginalized Populations

Through a series of five grants from the MacArthur and Packard Foundations, MSI developed, tested and disseminated a comprehensive framework for scaling up successful pilot projects. The MSI Scaling Up Framework and toolkit based on this work are designed to help governments, foundations and NGOs:

1) Identify pilot projects with the greatest potential for achieving impact at scale
2) Design pilot projects to improve their prospects for being scaled up
3) Manage the scaling up process

MSI has also assisted official donor agencies to incorporate these considerations into project design standards, project selection protocols and project management procedures.

MSI developed and tested its scaling up methodology working with 14 reproductive health projects in Mexico, Nigeria with India. The methodology has subsequently been applied in a number of other countries and sectors and has been the subject of more than 100 public presentations, conference presentations and workshops to academic and professional audiences around the world. The framework is summarized in the publication Scaling Up – From Vision to Large-Scale Change.

MSI also has considerable experience in strengthening the organizational capacity and sustainability of NGOs in developing countries, either directly or through the creation of Intermediary Support organizations in those countries. Much of this work has taken place under the USAID-funded Capable Partners Program which is USAID’s flagship program for enhancing the capacity of national and community-based NGOs in the developing world.

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