Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

MSI is a leader in the field of strategic planning, which includes monitoring and evaluation studies, and information systems that help governments and donors make better decisions. MSI assists clients in sharpening their focus, increasing their use of performance information and minimizing the collection of unnecessary data. Decision makers can define and face the issues and questions with the guidance of MSI’s experts and years of experience.

In this short video, SVP for Programs, Keith Brown, gives an overview of MSI’s experience with Monitoring & Evaluation and what distinguishes our work in this core competency.

In particular, our experts develop program objectives and performance indicators, conduct program-level and cross-cutting evaluations, and use participatory approaches. We have completed more than 500 evaluations worldwide and these evaluations have included formative (midterm), summative (final) and impact or longitudinal (experimental and quasi-experimental) evaluations.

From 1990-2000, and then again from 2005 until the present, MSI has been the prime contractor for supporting USAID’s organization efforts to plan and manage for results. MSI has provided technical assistance to nearly 100 individual USAID field missions around the world, as well as to the central Washington regional and technical bureaus, to help them improve their ability to plan strategies, monitor and report performance, evaluate projects, and use performance data to improve program management.

MSI’s strategic planning was highlighted in the National Capacity Development project in Iraq, USAID’s flagship project to rebuild the Iraqi civil service and the capacity of critical ministries. The project assisted the Ministry of Planning to establish a five-year National Development Plan allocating $186 billion of capital investment planning and building the ministry’s monitoring and evaluation strategies.

MSI implemented the USAID Integrated Management for Results project, which strengthened and institutionalized the “Managing for Results” approach for USAID across all of the Agency’s international field offices. More broadly, we have assisted more than 20 federal agencies to develop public consultation processes, agency-wide plans and monitoring systems and reporting procedures.

Our experts are proven leaders in program planning and evaluation tools such as the Logical Framework, or Logframe. Logframe is a tool that identifies the key elements of project design. MSI staff trained more than 3,000 professionals and 400 organizations worldwide in its methodology, from large and small host country NGOs to government officials and project staff. Our experts have developed and led Logframe use with the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Labour Organization and many other international organizations.

MSI experts also evaluate interventions in policy reform, enterprise promotion, democratic process, national resource management, organizational change and human resource development.

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