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We support governments, civil society, media and business to combat corruption across a range of sectors. We limit opportunities for corruption, strengthen accountability systems and realign incentives for integrity.

MSI has a long-standing track record of implementing large and complex anti-corruption programs in coordination with local partners to bolster integrity, transparency and accountability. Since 1996, we have implemented anti-corruption projects in over 40 countries. Our work results in improved delivery of public services, greater citizen participation in government, and increased responsiveness of local authorities to citizens’ needs.

Our expertise includes supporting audit, oversight, complaints mechanisms, investigations, institutional streamlining, e-governance, open government, performance and financial management, leadership and capacity building, meritocratic civil service, political party regulations, civil society and private sector engagement, and investigative journalism.

A sample of the approaches and tools we use to directly support anti-corruption priorities include: 

  • Implement digital solutions and streamline bureaucratic procedures to promote transparency and reduce opportunities for corruption
  • Strengthen financial auditing practices, accountable budgeting procedures, and transparent procurement protocols
  • Support open government including access to information, consultative processes and transparent decision making
  • Establish citizen advocate offices for the legal protection of corruption victims
  • Strengthen complaint mechanisms and channels for citizen feedback through hotlines, digital apps and suggestion boxes
  • Provide training in anti-corruption investigations and prosecutions
  • Work with the private sector to implement codes of conduct
  • Build the capacity of civil society organizations to improve advocacy and monitoring skills, implement public awareness campaigns, and employ communications strategies that promote changes in attitudes and behaviors vis-à-vis corruption
  • Train journalists to increase investigative reporting on allegations of corruption
  • Conduct corruption risk assessments and surveys 

MSI's research and publications offer practical guidance to donors and policymakers, including USAID’s Anti-Corruption Assessment Handbook, the Practitioner’s Guide for Anti-Corruption Programming, Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries, Detecting Corruption in Developing CountriesAnalysis of USAID Anti-Corruption Programming Worldwide, and USAID Technical Guidance on the Development Response to Organized Crime