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We promote the rule of law by supporting institutional reform, judicial training, legal aid networks, access to justice, alternative dispute resolution, human rights protections and institutional capacity building.

We help developing and transitioning societies and governments to develop justice systems that are responsive, transparent, accountable, fair and efficient. Widespread adherence to the rule of law, democratic practices and respect for human rights are essential to sustained political, economic and social development. We’ve worked for decades to provide innovative and effective approaches to strengthen justice sector institutions in a variety of operating environments, including conflict and post-conflict settings. We gain a deep and thorough understanding of local justice sector platforms and mechanisms and engage closely with leadership to plan and implement the appropriate reform and institutional strengthening activities. We pay particular attention to process modernization in the courts, prosecution offices, and law enforcement components. 

Our specialized implementation methodologies and tools have been refined by repeated worldwide application. Our comprehensive range of services includes diagnostic surveys; justice sector assessments; strategy formulation; analysis, planning and design services; training; technical assistance for program implementation; and monitoring and evaluation.

In order to achieve sustainable results, we help to implement the following:

  • Reform of constitutional, legal and regulatory frameworks 
  • Strengthen institutional and human capacity of courts and related institutions for the effective, equitable and transparent administration of justice
  • Foster an independent judiciary and effective prosecutorial, defense, and police elements that are efficient and fair
  • Build broad-based constituencies for reform and civil society advocacy and oversight
  • Develop and implement programs that improve the rule of law through security, stabilization and strengthened criminal justice systems
  • Integrate dispute resolution mechanisms and other rule of law dimensions into sectoral and sub-sectoral programs and activities such as health and education. 
  • Advance sound legal education practices, including curriculum reform and faculty development in order to further a rules-based justice system 
  • Introduce automation and available technological advances to modernize the justice sector and provide greater responsiveness and accountability
  • Create predictable, transparent and low-cost mechanisms to promote the impartial enforcement of contracts and judgments