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Rodeina A. Fattah is a development professional with over 30 years of experience in the Middle East, the former Soviet Union, South Asia and Africa. She started her career as a corporate banking officer at Chase Bank in Egypt, and then joined USAID, where she was a key leader in many of USAID's most important and politically-sensitive missions abroad, including Egypt, Iraq, the Regional Mission for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus and the Regional Mission for Central Asia. 

She possesses a background in strategic planning, program design and management and change management. Rodeina played a critical role in developing and directing programs in private sector development and finance in Egypt, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Moldova; agriculture in Kyrgyzstan; and public sector reform and institution building in Iraq and Ghana. Following her USAID career, she became an independent international development consultant in the area of local solutions and conflict management in India and Syria. 

She speaks several languages, including French and Russian, and holds bachelor's and master's degrees in economics and finance from the American University in Cairo.