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Dr. Lynn Carter is currently a Senior Advisor for Governance and Conflict. She has served in a variety of leadership positions at MSI, including Senior Vice President for Programs and Director of Democracy, Rights and Governance Programs. 

After working in rural development and maternal and child health in Yemen, Morocco and Pakistan, she helped USAID develop tools to assess, design and evaluate DRG and conflict/extremism mitigation programs. Lynn helped contributed to many of USAID’s most used tools including the DRG assessment framework, the conflict assessment framework and guides to violent extremism. She has led DRG and conflict assessments and has helped design projects in these domains. She has designed and implemented DRG and CVE workshops in conjunction with and for USG personnel. From 2018-2021, she served as technical director on USAID/Indonesia's Harmoni CVE project. She has worked broadly in the MENA and South Asian regions and has lived in Pakistan, Yemen, India and Egypt. She has published a book on sectarian conflict in Egypt and articles in peer-reviewed journals on Egypt and Afghanistan.

She has a Ph.D. from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies in political development and the politics of the Middle East and a master’s degree from Harvard University.