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Jennifer Ulman serves as a senior conflict specialist for a range of analytical and field-based projects. With more than 15 years of experience, she is an experienced manager, trainer and evaluator. She has provided technical support to programs throughout East Africa and the Balkans where she managed peacebuilding, anti-corruption and civil society programs for USAID, the European Union, and the United Nations Office for Program Services. She has published numerous guides and training materials on conflict sensitive programming, civilian-military relations and NGO capacity building. She has served on several evaluation teams where she assessed impact of donor funding in conflict-affected areas, evaluated multi-sector decentralization programs, reviewed impact of donor programming on Roma populations and evaluated effectiveness of health and education programs throughout Pakistan. She is currently working with the Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation to design and conduct two new courses for USAID on conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding programming. She is trained in advanced conflict assessment, systems thinking and Do No Harm. As a training and peacebuilding consultant, she lived in the Balkans and Cyprus for four years. She holds a master's degree from the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University and speaks Greek.

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