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Kalinda Magloire is a technical director and governance specialist with over 15 years of experience leading development projects. An expert in contextual analysis, her areas of focus include programming in rapidly changing transitional environments, civil society strengthening, public service provision, and gender. Kalinda led the USAID/OTI Regional Programming Option in Haiti, where she oversaw a rapid grants program in response to the 2021 political crisis. In the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, she supported the USAID/OTI Haiti Recovery Initiative, implementing capacity-building and institutional strengthening activities to ensure continuity of government services and later overseeing the program’s $30 million grants pool. Kalinda is also a social entrepreneur with vast experience providing technical assistance to Haitian organizations in governance, gender, capacity building, community participation, monitoring and evaluation and strategic communications. She has also led teams in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and worked in Côte d’Ivoire. Kalinda holds a MA in international development management from the London School of Economics and a MA in political science from the University of Montreal.