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Svetlana Winbourne has more than 20 years of experience in designing, managing and providing technical assistance for international development programs in good governance, anti-corruption, civil society, human rights and sustainable development. She has provided technical assistance to projects in Ukraine, Serbia, Liberia, Mali, Indonesia, Russia and Albania, and directed several long-term anti-corruption, civil society and human rights projects in Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. Svetlana has also conducted many democracy and governance and corruption assessments, evaluations and strategy development assignments in Bangladesh, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine. Svetlana was the lead author of the Analysis of USAID Anti-Corruption Programming Worldwide (2007-2013), coauthored the USAID Practitioner’s Guide for Anti-Corruption Programming and the USAID Corruption Assessment Handbook, and conducted a sectoral study for the USAID Anti-Corruption Strategy. She is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and holds a doctorate in geography.

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