Civil Society, Youth & Inclusion


Civil Society – We strengthen civil society to facilitate citizens’ voice, to monitor governments and hold them accountable, and to improve access and quality of service provision. Our programs address civil society organizations’ (CSOs’) legal environment, technical and organizational capacity to effect change, and longer-term sustainability. We also work with civil society in closed and closing environments to counter anti-democratic trends, negotiate space for citizen participation, improve security and strengthen key organizational capabilities.

Youth – We design youth-focused analytical tools, conduct youth assessments and evaluations, and stand up sound M&E systems around youth activities. We have established a worldwide reputation in youth entrepreneurship training and in the capacity development of youth-led and -serving organizations to program, implement, monitor and learn. Through robust engagement of youth in the development process, we seek to empower young people and the families, communities and institutions connected to them.

Gender Equality and Inclusion – We conduct gender and inclusion analyses to inform policies, programs and projects. We design and plan strategies and activities to foster gender equality, to empower women, and to maximize inclusion of marginalized groups in development, peacebuilding and government. Our activities advance gender equality and inclusion at national and subnational levels by working holistically with government officials, civil society, and businesses to strengthen implementation of existing policies and advocate for improved enabling environments where they are needed.