More effective public administration in Iraq. Enhanced roles for women in conflict-affected areas in Colombia. Decreased child labor and more children in schools in Morocco. Fairer oral trials in Mexico. Stronger organizations to address HIV/AIDS prevention in Zambia.

For more than 30 years, MSI has helped clients solve complex development challenges, often in areas torn apart by hunger and violence. Our projects help to stabilize communities and countries emerging from conflict, improve government accountability, and bolster civil society. Our innovative tools and methodologies build capacity and ensure sustainability – all with a focus on development effectiveness.

We also generate analytical content that underpins programming decisions, and have conducted nearly 1,000 evaluations in 100 countries since our founding.

From our humble start more than three decades ago, we have grown in size and technical expertise – now with a global network of experts in their fields including governance; monitoring, evaluation and learning; anti-corruption; education; public sector management; and organizational development. Our work is based on building strong relationships with our clients and partners to achieve outcomes. Ultimately, we help to drive governments and organizations towards better results, helping the people they serve to live better lives.

In 2016, we expanded our global reach, becoming part of Tetra Tech.

In addition to our Crystal City, Virginia office, we also maintain approximately 35 project offices worldwide.