Since our start more than three decades ago in a townhouse in Washington, D.C. we have helped thousands of communities, NGOs, governments, media organizations and individuals solve complex development challenges, often in areas torn apart by hunger, conflict and violence.


We are driven by our desire to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges affecting those less fortunate across the developing world. We undertake our work with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion both at home and in the countries where we work.


As a leadership team, we love what we do and the people that we work with! Most of us have been with MSI for a decade or more. We bring varied skills in project management, business development, financial oversight, communications and core technical expertise that we have honed both in the U.S. and on numerous overseas projects.

Andrew Griminger

Joseph Christoff

Allison Poyac-Clarkin

Rodeina A. Fattah

Ellen Yount

Sandra Amis

Chip Temm

Erin Stone

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