Media Relations and Media Analysis

We help our clients navigate the 24-hour news cycle with training and support on message delivery, preparation and research.

We help our clients understand today’s fast-paced media environment, what journalists are likely to cover related to their work, and how to proactively work with them to leverage reach into and influence over target audiences.

We possess unique experience with crisis communications scenarios and working with the media in these situations. Our senior staff bring a range of experience working on both political and man-made crises. Every country’s context is different, but the power of television, radio, print and online media is generally unmatched in its ability to get our clients’ messages to the largest amount of the general population, as well as specific target audiences.

We guide our clients in their media relations efforts with these services and tools:

  • Targeting outlets and journalists for engagement to help our clients “push” their messages to the right audiences;
  • Media pitches using traditional and innovative approaches;
  • Media landscape analysis, including how to analyze engagement and “reach”; and
  • Social media engagement analysis.

We also provide our clients with the tools and technique to be comfortable conducting media interviews, whether with a print publication or on air. We have conducted extensive media training for various levels of staff, focusing on capacity development to ensure that our clients, including leadership at the Peace Corps, USAID, the State Department and various host country government officials, are equipped with the skills to message effectively. Our services include:

  • Presentation delivery training and on-camera preparation;
  • Talking point and message delivery preparation; and
  • Press conference and “hot seat” interview preparation.


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