Student Assessments

We design and implement a full range of student assessments, including Early Grade Reading and Math Assessments (EGRAs and EGMAs) and curriculum-based language, math, and science assessments.

We administer at scale in multi-lingual, diverse, and complex environments. In Pakistan, we led the largest donor-funded EGRA to date, with over 500 enumerators administering individual assessments to more than 45,000 students in 1,500 schools across the country.

In addition, we have planned and/or conducted baseline, mid-line, and end-line student assessments in the Congo (Kinshasa), Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, South Sudan, and Zambia. Data from the assessments are used by governments, donors, and implementing partners to examine the impact of education interventions and systematically monitor student learning outcomes.

Our psychometricians, instrument developers, master trainers, field coordinators, data analysts, data visualization specialists, and technical writers work together with government officials, donor representatives, and implementing partners in all phases of the assessments, from design and development to reporting and dissemination. We collaborate with stakeholders to use assessment results for formulating policies, improving interventions, and tracking progress towards benchmarks and targets.

We also support the development of innovative methods to use assessments for measuring and tracking progress towards global goals. For instance, we are collaborating with donor agencies to adapt a method called “policy linking” for comparing and aggregating assessment results from different countries.

We place a high value on capacity building to reinforce national and regional teams so that they can conduct assessments at an international standard of quality, and ensure the sustainability of student assessment systems.


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