Training and Capacity Building

We are recognized by our clients for our creativity, training delivery and fresh approaches to adult learning.

We possess unique training and learning capabilities, enabling us to work with a range of staff to build critical skills. We’ve worked with the most senior international leadership at a large donor organization in Washington, D.C. to local staff working for a small NGO in an African country. We have worked as trainers for more than a decade, offering week-long training courses, one- to three-day trainings and one- to two-hour offerings.

The bottom line is that we want you to learn in a meaningful and engaging way.

Our key communications staff bring more than three decades of collective experience from government, the private sector, and directly with international donors. We bring these perspectives, together with our creative thinking, to every training – thoughtfully approaching your goals, organizational needs, and how to best ensure long-term learning.

We are committed to long-term learning and application. To accomplish this, we have designed tools and methodologies to ensure 360-degree learning. These include a community of practice approach, crowdsourcing learning, utilizing social media and other platforms, and regular check-in’s post-training to establish accountability and provide feedback.

Over the last decade, we have built many systems and approaches for training, including:

  • In-person, adult-oriented learning modules that cover more than 35 topics, from messaging and audience targeting to campaign planning and video production/promotion;
  • E-learning modules developed using Articulate and Captivate;
  • Short, how-to videos that provide learning “bursts”;
  • Learning guides and manuals on a range of strategic communications topics; and
  • Building communities of practice that draw on lessons learned and local solutions


Ellen Yount

Noah Wilderman

Kara Frazier Perlman

Adam Bloom



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