Promising Practices in Public Sector Management

We completed a large-scale study, From Capacity Development to Sustainable Development, under USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) Analytic and Evaluation contract. In the largest USAID study of its kind, MSI analyzed every project E3 has ever implemented, over 70% of which involve public sector institutions. The E3 Bureau commissioned the assessment to increase its understanding of the nature and characteristics of its capacity development activities, to identify promising practices, and to recommend steps that could be taken to develop a Bureau-wide approach for enhancing capacity development.

The document includes 50 Promising Practices for capacity development, 10 Case Studies, and a Rater’s Guide to help development professionals write good scopes of work. One practice highlighted in the report concerns getting incentives right. Find that work highlighted in a Suzanne Bond’s blog on motivating staff through positive incentives.


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