Using Online Education to Combat Corruption in Indonesia

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To help address issues of systemic corruption in Indonesia, the USAID’s CEGAH anti-corruption initiative worked alongside one of the country’s leading corruption watchdog organizations to launch a unique anti-corruption academy in the spring of 2018.

Indonesia Corruption Watch’s (ICW) Anti-Corruption Academy was launched in April of 2018 and features six full courses: 1) Introduction to Corruption for Teens; 2) General Introduction to Corruption; 3) Sociology of Corruption; 4) Critical Pedagogy and Anti-Corruption Education; 5) Law and Corruption, and 6) Corruption and Poverty. All courses are available for free, with open enrollment for both introductory courses, and quarterly intake periods for the four advanced courses.

In order to expand the reach of the platform, ICW has signed memorandums of understanding with three universities: the University of Tirtayasa (Untirta, Banten), the University of Tanri Abeng (Jakarta) and the University of Al-Azhar (Jakarta). As of the end of December 2018, more than 400 students had earned certificates of completion from the Akademi’s various courses — a significant number of which came from Poltekes Malang, a university in East Java which had adopted ICW’s e-learning system without signing an MoU, demonstrating an organic demand for the system.

Enjoy this video highlighting the work of USAID CEGAH and ICW to launch the Anti-Corruption Academy.


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