While the Arab Spring ushered in a period of new power dynamics and subsequent conflict, we look to build on 30 years of uninterrupted programming to nurture the unleashed seeds of transformation.
From disaster recovery in Yemen to critical monitoring and evaluation services in Afghanistan, we join the people of MENA and South Asia to build a better future for every citizen.
We will stick with the people of the region through upheaval and the political, social and economic winds buffeting the region. We start with analytics to understand the causes behind the effects that shape realities. With Tetra Tech’s presence in each MENA country, including permanent offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, our ability to reach every country and support each unique opportunity to stabilize and advance the region is unbeatable. Our programming supports every level of society, from a decade-long partnership with national and provincial authorities in Iraq to improve service delivery and build capacity to community-level resilience strengthening and youth programs in Morocco. Today, we are working in Jordan to evaluate and improve program outcomes, in Syria to assist with demining efforts and community outreach, and in Morocco to improve learning systems. In Pakistan, we are helping USAID monitor and evaluate its programs in some of the most difficult-to-reach areas of the country.


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