Supporting Digital Transformation in Egypt’s Economic Court System

We are working with USAID to improve transparency and service delivery through digitalization and support to the judiciary to foster a business environment that attracts foreign direct investment.

Egypt’s efforts to promote investment and economic growth depend on a modern, accessible, and efficient judiciary. Reliance on outmoded paper-driven processes, ingrained inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency undermine services for businesses and investors, burdening the business and investment environment.

Through the USAID-funded Economic Courts Activity (ECA), MSI, A Tetra Tech Company, helps promote economic courts’ digital transformation and enhance efficiency by improving management and service delivery of data, case decisions, and decision-making tools. An emphasis is placed on activities that focus on developing, testing, and deploying customized software applications to improve overall court efficiency and effectiveness and improve access for court users. ECA works to help analyze and re-engineer business processes to bring the courts closer to international standards. The project works closely with the Ministry of Justice’s Specialized Court Sector to implement industry standard, sustainable, and scalable frameworks for providing data and information to end-users, developing custom software, and procuring hardware.

Apart from industry standards, the project works to develop and implement enhanced transparency frameworks that disseminate information about services to the public and improve customer service. A special focus is on promoting the accomplishments of female judges and accommodations for persons with disabilities.

Our approach involves a consultative process. For example, we are collaborating with the Specialized Court Sector to produce animated videos which provide tutorials on how to virtually access the court systems, and improved means to access ongoing case information digitally. Concurrently, the project is helping to develop systems, such as smart kiosks, to improve the accessibility of the economic courts for new applicants to the judicial system and improve the management of training for judges and court staff.

MSI has a rich history supporting the Middle East’s Rule of Law and Government Accountability efforts, including MSI’s work on USAID/Jordan’s Public Accountability and Justice Strengthening Activity (PAJ). This four-year activity focuses on assisting the government of Jordan in increasing the accountability and effectiveness of public institutions, including the justice sector. ECA and PAJ build upon Tetra Tech and MSI’s successful efforts in more than 50 countries to promote reforms that have resulted in substantial gains in judicial independence, access to justice, and confidence of the public and businesses in judicial systems.




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