Our innovative solutions are not just applied overseas. We apply the same analysis and critical thinking to important projects undertaken in the U.S.

From a modest start in 1981 providing consultancy services to USAID, we now work with more than a dozen clients right here in the U.S. – from government agencies to Fortune 100 companies and major philanthropic organizations.

Our work spans a wide range from strategy, evaluation and analysis on democracy and governance, CVE and education – to our innovative work on scaling up development solutions.

We have also designed and delivered hundreds of training courses and coached senior development practitioners on results-based planning, strategic communications and more. Our organizational development specialists have helped numerous entities reimagine their structure and coach staff through transitions.

At our core, MSI still excels on large-scale evaluations, assessment frameworks, including our award-winning evaluation report, From Aid to Trade. This analytical work frequently leads to the development of handbooks and indicators to help inform USAID strategies and programs, including The Anti-Corruption Assessment Framework, and the Guide to the Drivers of Violent Islamist Extremism.


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