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Helping USAID's DRG Center Broaden Its Reach and Influence

Expanding training capacity and information exchange on behalf of USAID

Building on our extensive experience working for more than a decade with the DRG Center, the Generate Results Within Our Work (GROW) project was launched in 2018.

We are working to support USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG Center) to strengthen the capacity of the Center’s staff to design and lead high-quality learning events and facilitate information exchange. We are partnering with Encompass to deliver these critical support services.

We will develop and revise engaging in-person and online training portfolio offerings, design and manage innovative workshops and large conferences and facilitate dynamic professional exchanges. 
We are also working to broaden the DRG Center’s technical influence as thought leaders in the DRG community.

Drawing on decades of expertise in learning and leadership development, the GROW team will dramatically expand the reach of the DRG Center’s traditional training offerings by increasingly using a range of technological platforms to broaden geographic reach, and by systematically expanding offerings to include implementing partners for the first time.