Crisis Communications Planning

We work with governments and donors to build realistic, results-focused strategies that align with resources.

Attracting and sustaining target audiences’ attention has never been harder. It takes an extraordinary combination of strategic and creative skill to successfully raise awareness and understanding, influence public opinion, catalyze behavior change and mitigate reputational risks.

We are at the forefront of strategic and crisis communications planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation and training. We help to generate results so that our clients achieve their objectives. For instance, we developed a first-of-its-kind results-based approach for USAID’s global communications efforts, including outcome indicators and a performance monitoring plan. We have also worked with USAID to ensure that efforts are harmonized with the Country Development Cooperation Strategy, and with other clients to ensure that communications align with the organization’s overall Mission and strategy.

Services include:

  • Polling and surveys to guide communications’ activities;
  • Target audience segmentation to ensure that we are reaching the right audience with the right product;
  • Primary and secondary messaging that is emotive and accurate;
  • Editorial calendar creation and campaign management to ensure proactive planning; and
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation, that defines an iterative process of refining strategy and tactics over time

We also work intensively with our clients’ communications teams to build capacity, focusing on building key skills in today’s fast-paced communications environment. Our carefully honed training tools include more than 40 training modules that can be offered in a few hours or in the course of a week. We also design interactive e-learning modules, video “how to’s,” participatory communities of practice, and have written numerous guides and manuals on all aspects of communications.


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