MSI Supports COVID-19 Response in the Middle East & North Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably have long-term implications for all countries. However, the challenges that arise from COVID-19 will give rise to new crises and exacerbate existing ones, particularly in conflict-affected and fragile states in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

MSI has provided support to the MENA region for 26 years and is well-positioned to support the COVID-19 response across a range of services, including emergency preparedness and response, countering violent extremism, civil society support and behavior change communications.

In Iraq, we are currently working to deliver critical support to vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19. We’ve also worked with local municipalities in Lebanon to develop emergency preparedness and response plans that can be adapted to meet new COVID-19 challenges.

Learn more about these and other technical offerings MSI can provide in this brochure. It also highlights our deep bench of experienced MENA experts and features the contracting vehicles that can be used to access our services, including the Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience in the MENA Task Order (GISR MENA), the Programming Effectively Against Conflict and Extremism (PEACE) IQC and MENA Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Services (MELS).


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