We design and implement quality and cost-effective education evaluations so that decisions on programming and policies are based on strong and timely evidence.

We have implemented education impact and performance evaluations for governments, donors, and implementing partners in diverse and challenging environments, including Cambodia, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Pakistan, Senegal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Thailand, and Uganda.

Our evaluations cover a range of issues and activities. These include access to schooling, teaching and learning, early literacy and numeracy, math and science education (STEM), school climate, community engagement, youth development, social and emotional learning, early childhood education, vocational training, school construction, and decentralization. Using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches, we tailor our evaluation designs, data collections, analyses, and reports to the needs of our clients, to inform their most pressing technical and management concerns.

Our experts provide services in the areas of literature reviews, evaluation designs, planning, sampling, instrument development, enumerator and supervisor training, data collection, data analyses and visualization, reporting, and use of results. We also support the improvement of evaluation practice. For instance, we implemented a comprehensive review of nearly 100 donor-funded education evaluations by conducting quality ratings and synthesizing the findings and lessons learned by thematic area, such as basic education, youth development, and crisis/conflict interventions.

We provide training to evaluators from national and regional governments and organizations in all technical aspects of evaluation. We support the continuous professional development of our partners in-person and remotely to increase their ability to independently conduct high-quality evaluations.


Gäelle Simon

Leah Sly

Gustavo Castillo

Adam Weber

Jennifer Bowser Gerst



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