We support the effective and efficient management of education programs through performance monitoring.

Through the development and implementation of government, donor, and project performance monitoring plans (PMPs), we ensure that fidelity of implementation is accurately measured in terms of inputs, outputs and outcomes of activities. We facilitate third-party monitoring (TPM) for governments and donor agencies, as well as internal monitoring for implementing partners. In Afghanistan, Congo (Kinshasa), Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Mozambique, Pakistan, Senegal, South Sudan, Thailand, and Zambia, we have designed and conducted performance monitoring activities.

Through participatory approaches, we build buy-in with partners for the collection, processing, reporting, and use of education monitoring data. We provide monitoring services such as program analyses, indicator design, tool/protocol development, data collector training, logistics, data analyses, data quality assessments (DQAs), visualization, infographics, reporting, and dissemination.

We often collect monitoring data using our custom-built electronic data collection applications, which feature form builders, data uploads, GPS, and quality control functions.

Our monitoring services cover a comprehensive range of data types. These include school enrollments, classroom attendance, materials distribution, training participation, teacher observations, teacher coaching and mentoring, school environments, school construction, community mobilization, governance, and accountability.

We also provide support for developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems for education projects and building the capacity of governments to improve their systems.

By collaborating with local staff, we benefit from their contextual and technical knowledge and develop build capacity in areas such as PMP development, training, DQAs, data collection, data uploading and downloading technical reporting, and presentations.


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