Contributing Vital Monitoring and Evaluation Support in South Sudan

We put communities at the center of resilience programming
Since 2013, we have provided flexible, demand-driven technical and analytical support to USAID’s Mission in South Sudan through the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP).

USAID/South Sudan is one of the newest USAID Missions in the world. Established following the country’s drive for independence, the Mission has faced considerable challenges, especially since violence erupted in 2013. MSI has been a partner on the ground since 2007, providing invaluable support in key areas, including monitoring and evaluation, strategic and crisis communications and short-term technical assistance.

Despite ongoing conflict and security concerns, we carry out essential M&E and program support activities across the country. We carry out training, evaluations, special studies, strategic communications, and program cycle support services.

These activities improve the quality and management of performance monitoring data, gather credible evidence about programming, and raise greater awareness of performance to internal and external audiences. By monitoring the effectiveness and sustainability of development efforts, we help to strengthen evidence-based decision-making, while also building partner capacity.

We have conducted third-party monitoring and verification in some of the most remote and hard-to-reach locations across the country. This method focuses on documenting inputs, observable processes and tangible outputs. The valuable information collected provides USAID with the opportunity to use monitoring data for critical decisions on program alignment and improvement. Our monitors have examined a wide range of programming, including health, democracy and governance and education.

Our team also assists the Mission with data quality assessments. We critically assess each indicator against the data collection methods used, reporting formats and the unit of measurements as stipulated in the performance monitoring plan. We then provide recommendations for future improvements.

We also support the Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery, an innovative partnership that formulates and implements strategically integrated approaches to address the dire food security crisis in targeted pilot communities. Our efforts to develop a collaborating, learning and adapting platform for the partnership are ongoing. With it, partners will be able to share lessons to improve programming.

MSI is the leading provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning support to USAID. We are currently supporting several other Missions, including Afghanistan, MozambiqueIndonesia and the Middle East and North Africa.




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