We work with clients in the private sector, NGOs and donors to support every stage and range of training needs. We have helped to design, deliver and plan curriculum for more than 1,500 courses, involving all levels of staff and offered in remote global locations and in the U.S.

For more than three decades, we have built a repository of knowledge and experience by serving as lead trainers, facilitators and curriculum developers, working intensively with the client to fine tune the learning approach and ensure that adult learning methodologies are incorporated throughout the learning lifecycle.

We also develop robust Training of Trainers methodologies, recognizing the capacity building is a key to sustainability. Our full range of training-related services include:

  • Curriculum development, including learning objectives, targeted exercise development, and hands-on learning models;
  • Training delivery and facilitation, including classroom presentations, Powerpoints, participant exercises, and breakout sessions;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of training offerings based on the Kirkpatrick Model;
  • Classroom and remote, self-directed training; and
  • Logistics management, including facilities’ and catering contracts, transportation and travel.

As a leading monitoring and evaluation provider to our clients, we are committed to results-oriented approaches (not merely post-training evaluations) and incorporate pre- and post-training methodologies, including communities of practice, e-learning and learning portals.

In today’s fast-paced learning environment in which adults gain knowledge in a variety of ways, we have also honed our offering in developing remote instructor-led (synchronous) and self-guided (asynchronous) e-learning training. We develop e-learning as a “blended learning” approach that dovetails with in-person instruction or as stand-alone learning modules.


Larry Cooley

Kelley Cantrell

John Haecker

Mary Liakos

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Leah Sly

Jennifer Ulman

Noah Wilderman

Danielle Burke

Jennifer Bowser Gerst

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