Mitigating the Impacts of Venezuelan Mass Migration in Colombia

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Mass Venezuelan migration, continuing efforts to support the Peace Agreement and now the COVID-19 pandemic have had profound impacts in Colombia, including overburdening the response capacities of local, regional and national government, as well as those of humanitarian organizations.

Our projects in Colombia are contributing to the response effort in a variety of ways, including the procurement of essential equipment and supplies and crisis communications strategy development.

Learn more about our support in Colombia from this interactive graphic developed by Noah Wilderman, MSI’s Senior Advisor for Digital & Creative.

The interactive graphic above was produced as part of a series documenting the transformative work being done in Colombia across the Tetra Tech family.

Our work in Colombia supports all of the pillars of the peace agreement, including the areas of land reform, developing licit opportunities, regional governance, security and stabilization, and the Venezuelan migration crisis.

Enjoy the first and third parts of the series: Colombia’s Story by Colombians, on; and another interactive graphic: Strengthening Community Development Through Youth Empowerment & Participation.


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