Strengthening Development in Colombia Through Youth Empowerment

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The interactive graphic above was produced as part of a series documenting the transformative work being done in Colombia across the Tetra Tech family.

Our work in Colombia supports all the pillars of the peace agreement, including the areas of land reform, developing licit opportunities, regional governance, security and stabilization, and the Venezuelan migration crisis.

One such organization we are working with is the transformative Camera, Lights, Action, Productions, the audiovisual collective known locally as CLAP Producciones.  It is providing a community voice in its bucolic hometown, Puerto Rico, Colombia – a small town often associated with the conflict and violence of the past, if thought of at all. The youth of Puerto Rico are taking the lead by putting a new face on the Department of Meta and paving the way for a brighter future.

Supported by inspiring mentors like CLAP founder John Libaniel Moreno Cortes and donor-funded programs, the youth have become talented and professional community reporters. CLAP members routinely produce videos for social media channels that portray a transformed Puerto Rico. Additionally, CLAP members are helping to build a strong local economy by developing a tourism industry.

Surrounded by untouched nature, including a pristine lagoon you can bathe in and a river filled with pink dolphins, among other wild animals, the youth are eager to share their forgotten corner of Colombia with the world.

Enjoy the first two parts of the series: Colombia’s Story by Colombians, on; and another interactive graphic: Mitigating the Impacts of Venezuelan Mass Migration in Colombia.


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