Providing Hope and Justice in Mexico

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In Mexico, we have been part of historical change by contributing to USAID’s Promoting Justice Project (PROJUST). The project has helped to launch the New Criminal Justice System (NCJS) and support sweeping criminal justice reforms.

In 2017, the project reached a turning point with an expanded mandate to promote local solutions that are locally led and owned. These first initiatives were recognized as an innovative effort to engage local systems by USAID/Mexico.

Under these initiatives, seven teams across four states established a goal to resolve 130 to 300 domestic violence and robbery cases. These teams demonstrated overwhelming increases in efficiency, ranging from 259% to 2255% over the baseline. They also learned and improved on several dimensions, including improved coordination and communication across justice institutions for better results.

In 2016, PROJUST collaborated with criminal justice institutions in Tabasco to reduce high rates of impunity in domestic violence cases. This short video highlights the local impact of this successful initiative.


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