Helping Mexico On the Path to Reform

We worked side-by-side with the Mexican government in the transformation of its criminal justice system

We implemented what has been termed by The Washington Post as “the most profound overhaul of its legal structure in a century.”

We contributed to broader U.S. Government and Government of Mexico efforts to mitigate conflict, reduce impunity, increase access to justice, and promote a more transparent and efficient criminal justice system.

Our work under the USAID-funded Promoting Justice Project (PROJUST) helped Mexico and its federal authorities effectively consolidate the accusatory justice system. These activities led to a decrease in pre-trial detention and an increase in plea bargaining, as well as compliance by defendants of precautionary measures. Results also included solid investigations, arrest warrants, case disposition and assistance to women, including those facing domestic violence.

Overall, citizens have also been informed of the overall reforms as well as the new criminal justice system. Our support to Pre-Trial Services (PTS) units has resulted in quality services delivered to citizens. End-user satisfaction surveys conducted in Baja California Sur and Zacatecas regarding quality, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction showed a level of satisfaction of 98 percent and 91 percent respectively.

The Government of Mexico adopted three models we developed and implemented for national replication. These have become models for Pre-Trial Services Units, Case Screening Units, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms.

Scaling up of these models broadened the project’s impacts and created a sustainable framework for our efforts.

The Mexico PROJUST project trained 3,500 justice sector operators and 2,900 journalists.




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