Strategic Communications Courses for the Past, Present and Future

Over the course of a decade implementing the USAID-funded Development Outreach and Communications (DOC) program, we executed more than 40 week-long, intensive trainings in Washington, D.C. and worldwide – to approximately 1,000 USAID and State Department employees. Attendees at these trainings included Mission and Washington, DC.-based USAID communications personnel, Mission Directors, Deputy Mission Directors, program officers, and State Department information officers and public affairs officers.

Faced with the task of training to all levels – from the most senior managers to entry-level staff – we developed an extensive training catalog of more than 40 courses on a host of topics, ranging from crisis communications, media relations and writing/blogging to video production, social media and more.

Graphic showing MSI strategic communications trainings

From developing communications strategies to effectively measuring social media metrics, these courses were battle-tested and meticulously fine-tuned based on participant feedback. The training courses also served as an important element of our adult-learning approach.

Training courses in the catalog have also been implemented on other projects all over the world, including in Libya, Jordan, Indonesia and Serbia. Last year in Ghana, we implemented a three-day workshop focused on data visualization and infographic design for more than 45 participants, most of whom had little to no prior experience with infographic design.

These courses remain as relevant as ever, and our strategic communications experts continue to fuse in-depth technical expertise with innovative training and capacity building techniques to deliver them worldwide. To learn more about our training experience and capabilities, please visit our Creative Online Portfolio.


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