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MSI is a leader in implementing sustainable development projects across the globe that help citizens, organizations and governments to establish the rule of law and combat corruption.

In 2021, MSI consolidated DPK’s legacy as rule of law practitioners with MSI’s decades of anti-corruption expertise to launch its Rule of Law and Government Accountability practice area. Through this consolidation, MSI offers our clients multi-disciplinary technical expertise and comprehensive experience from a single Tetra Tech operating unit to address challenges such as democratic backsliding, conflict, and security.

Our restructured team is comprised of experts with decades of practice and application across a broad range of technical areas and geographies. We offer clients a comprehensive approach to improve citizen-responsive and transparent government service delivery that protects human rights.

Through a people-centered justice lens, MSI works with local partners and stakeholders to define priorities that place marginalized and vulnerable individuals, families, and communities at the heart of project design and implementation. This approach allows for responsive, culturally appropriate, and inclusive programming through bottom-up, holistic interventions.