Kathy Shelton

Kathy Shelton joined MSI in 2008 and is a director of operations with over 25 years of business management experience working globally in project, contractual and financial management of USAID, DoD, DOS, USDA, World Bank and other programs. She holds a MS in Organization Development from American University; BS in Leadership and Management; and is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager. Her skills include contract, grant, proposal and budget management, and organization development and change management, including diversity and inclusion, data gathering, analysis and feedback, small and large group facilitation, strategic planning, team analysis and development. She is an expert in FAR, AIDAR, CFR and other regulations. Kathy is an excellent problem solver, effectively manages risk and seeks out positive solutions to ensure successful program results. She manages MSI’s GSA schedules, NATO SOFA approvals, IDIQs, and LAC/US-based contracts. Kathy has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia, the former Soviet Union, Latin America, Haiti and the Middle East.


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