Strengthening a Culture of Leadership and Learning with USAID/Peru

Bringing MSI expertise and experience to help improve performance and morale of USAID/Peru staff and teams.

The USAID-funded Peru Mission Coaching Activity offers individual, team, and Mission-wide leadership and professional development initiatives to enhance staff morale and effectiveness.

In Peru, USAID staff experienced a stage marked by concern and uncertainty to becoming proactive players in Peru’s future. Then the COVID-19 pandemic imposed a new reality, requiring remote work and management, and adaptation to a rapidly evolving “new normal.”

Additionally, recent factors, including the impending retirement of a large percentage of the workforce with decades of institutional knowledge, further required a shift.

We will work with the Mission in four core areas:

To institute a culture of leadership, we will collaborate on development of the Mission’s leadership program goals, create a Mission leadership charter, offer leadership coaching, and launch a 360-assessment tool customized to align with the Mission leadership charter.

To develop a culture of learning, we will support and strengthen team strengths through team consultations, particularly in the areas of collaboration, learning and adapting (CLA). We will also deliver short, skill-building courses and workshops around CLA competencies and practices.

To instill a culture of accountability, we will design a system of quarterly check-ins between supervisors and their staff to receive regular feedback and improve performance, offer scenario-based sessions on giving and receiving feedback, provide consultations with supervisors, and facilitate virtual teambuilding sessions.

And finally, to promote wellness and well-being, we will facilitate focus groups and customize a wellness program for USAID/Peru.

This activity builds upon MSI’s extensive experience working hand-in-hand with USAID Missions, government, both large global and local organizations and communities, designing, managing and implementing change management initiatives, strengthening leadership, professional development and organizational culture.




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