Gender and Inclusion

Our vision is to promote equitable social, political, and economic development. Our work reflects a strongly felt commitment to empowerment and broad-based inclusion.

We strengthen rights-based advocacy by women’s, LGBTI and disability groups, and facilitate women’s leadership in peacebuilding, the political process and more. We also advance inclusive economic empowerment.

Our well-honed tools and approaches have been refined over the last three decades in these core areas:

  • Evaluation and Dissemination: A renowned evaluation leader, we meet the growing demand for evaluating gender projects, as illustrated by evaluations in Pakistan, Kenya and Jordan. We conduct gender- and inclusion-sensitive evaluations, reviews of sector and Mission portfolios, and use innovative methods to facilitate share and use of findings and recommendations.
  • Analysis and Research: Our analytic reports identify equality gaps and priority gender issues. We provide specialized program guidance, such as our reports on women and countering violent extremism (CVE) and women’s political participation. Our recommendations inform country strategies and program and activity design. We work extensively with USAID’s Center for Excellence in Democracy, Rights, and Governance, and have provided these services in Indonesia, Senegal, Jordan, Kenya and Vietnam.
  • Integration in the Program Cycle: Working hand in hand with our clients, we produce analyses, action plans and tailored indicators to facilitate the integration of issues related to gender and under-served groups throughout the program cycle. We support program learning and adaptive management.
  • Audits and Capacity Development: We assess gender and inclusion performance in public and private institutions to deliver tailored capacity development services such as blended learning.


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