Jessica Ngo


Jessica Ngo serves as the deputy chief of party for the USAID/MENA Bureau Governance Integration for Stabilization and Resilience (GISR) project. She additionally leads and supports efforts across MSI that promote positive youth development (PYD), gender equity and social inclusion, peacebuilding, countering violent extremism (CVE), and scaling up effective interventions across various fields. She is a co-designer and writer of USAID YouthPower Action’s Youth Compass: A Strategic Guide to Strengthen Youth Activities, and is a co-chair of the Scaling Up Community of Practice Youth Employment Working Group. Jessica also supports company-wide initiatives to advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), including the implementation of a global business certification for gender equality known as EDGE. Before joining MSI, Jessica worked at the World Bank for four years, supporting the South-South Knowledge Exchange Trust Fund, and holds a master’s degree in peace operations from George Mason University.


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