Is Effective Messaging for Development More Critical than Ever?

MSI Vice President Ellen Yount speaks on microphone with fellow panelists   Bowl of MSI-branded M&M candies sits in front of iPad that reads "Welcome to SID-W"

With the fiscal year 2017 international affairs budget facing a severe reduction, the Society for International Development – Washington (SID-W) convened a panel of experts to consider the importance of communications. The panel looked at how to frame international development successes and challenges, and the need for more robust outreach. They also discussed the need for education efforts with the U.S. Congress and the American public.

MSI Vice President for Public Affairs, Ellen Yount, moderated the panel. She was joined by Former Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID, Stephanie Bluma; Lester Munson, Vice President, International, BGR Government Affairs; and Moira Whelan, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Digital Strategy at the U.S. State Department and a partner with BlueDot Strategies.

“In today’s climate, it’s more important than ever that we show the very real human impact of our work, and how our modest investments in development alongside diplomacy and defense, help us advance America’s interests at home and abroad,” said Yount.

MSI is driven by a strong focus on strategic communications within its projects and on behalf of its clients. For more than a decade, we were a partner to USAID on its Development Outreach and Communications Training Program, helping it successfully build understanding of foreign assistance. We have also served as senior advisors to government officials, other donors and for numerous projects worldwide.


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