Jordan MESP Apprenticeship Program

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Our USAID-funded Jordan Monitoring Evaluation Support Project (MESP) helps the USAID/Jordan Mission assess and improve its programming, develop data-driven best practices, and effectively communicate the Mission’s commitment to accountability and aid effectiveness. One area of assistance has had particular impact.

Together with USAID, we have strengthened the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) community of practice through the development of a rapid Apprenticeship Program in Monitoring and Evaluation.

A one-of-its kind capacity building program, the program combined five weeks of classroom training in M&E concepts and tools, with two months of practical on-the-job training in M&E roles with USAID’s implementing partners.

The program provides targeted skills training courses for young professionals and prepares them to join the M&E community within the development sector.

From the first graduating class, over 90% of the apprentices successfully found employment in M&E roles within a few months of completing the program. Watch the video to hear from participants and learn more.

We are USAID’s leading Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) service provider. We have successfully managed 26 USAID Mission-level support projects over the last 15 years, including in Pakistan, Jordan, Colombia, South Sudan and Afghanistan. Our work contributes to USAID’s commitment to rigorous M&E to improve aid effectiveness and inform decision making for current and future programming.


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