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Designing and Executing Projects on Conflict, State Fragility and Violent Extremism

Under the IQC named Programming Effectively Against Conflict and Extremism (PEACE), we promote the design and implementation of conflict-sensitive and fragility development programs globally.

As the prime implementing partner for PEACE, we and our consortium of partners offer USAID missions and bureaus access to analytical, training, and program implementation capabilities that address a range of issues, including:

  • Early warning and metrics of conflict, fragility and instability
  • Natural resource management, and environment and conflict
  • National security and development
  • Peacebuilding and reconciliation
  • Economics and conflict
  • Governance and conflict
  • Conflict and resilience

Our consortium has considerable experience working in some of the most insecure environments in the world. MSI alone has implemented more than 180 projects in conflict-affected areas, including Sierra Leone, DRC, Lebanon, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Colombia and Kenya.

Grounded in USAID policy, strategy and guidance, our approach leverages our deep understanding of conflict dynamics and resilience. MSI and several partners have worked closely with USAID to develop and refine approaches and frameworks, including USAID’s Conflict Assessment Framework 2.0 and guidance on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

We have established operational capability in complex environments and are committed to a holistic Do No Harm approach that is informed by highly contextualized conflict analysis.

We are known for our work on governance, conflict, and violent extremism, as well as monitoring and evaluation (M&E) expertise, and effective training on conflict programming. We implement USAID mission-wide applied research and M&E support projects in 13 countries, including South Sudan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia and Jordan.