Helping Governments and Citizens Counter Violent Extremism

We provide host-country governments with critical research on violent extremism

We are undertaking critical research on violent extremism (VE) in at least six countries to inform host government and civil society responses to it. The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Baseline Assessment project is being funded by the U.S. Department of State.

In partnership with the DOS Bureau of Conflict Stabilization Operations (CSO), we are developing baseline assessments using mixed methods, including a survey, key informant interviews, expert roundtables, focus group discussions and desk research.

These assessments analyze the VE landscape, support for VE, and VE drivers and resiliencies at the sub-national level. To ensure that we are conducting research that is grounded in local knowledge and expertise, in each country, we work closely with a non-governmental research organization and a survey organization to collect this information.

The research then forms the basis for discussion with local stakeholders and guides complementary research.

The project aims to increase knowledge and understanding of sub-national VE drivers and resiliencies in target countries, among U.S. government agencies, donors, local NGOs, and host government personnel.  It also aims to strengthen those countries’ local research networks for increased coordination and understanding of VE.

To date, we are working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kenya, Malaysia, Niger, Philippines and Somalia.




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