Providing Monitoring, Evaluation and Survey Services in Vietnam

We contributed to higher-level results and development effectiveness
Our support services contributed to program design and learning across the Mission’s portfolio, including health, economic growth and climate change.

USAID/Vietnam is the fourth-largest Mission in the region with a $70 million portfolio. Almost 100 activities focus on a variety of issues, including strengthening economic governance, expanding access to quality higher education, improving the welfare of persons with disabilities and addressing environmental challenges. From 2014 to 2019, MSI implemented the USAID-funded Vietnam Evaluation, Monitoring and Survey Services project (VEMSS).

We conducted numerous performance evaluations, impact evaluations, monitoring services, opinion-based surveys and more. The evaluations were designed utilizing a full continuum of designs, data collection methods and data analysis and visualization tools. We also worked directly with USAID technical managers to build their abilities to collect and analyze data for programming and learning purposes.

Data clarified which goals were being met and where opportunities for improvement existed. For example, we conducted a whole-of-project evaluation that revealed an inconsistency in the logic models for the given project’s results framework and sustainability model. The Mission acted on the evaluation results, and the logic models were realigned to ensure that activities contributed to the project’s purpose in a systematic and harmonized way.

MSI also launched the Evaluation Learning Symposium, an annual learning event for Mission staff, donors, the Government of Vietnam, research institutes, NGOs and implementing partners. This first-of-its-kind symposium served as a platform to share and discuss program evaluation findings, experiences and best practices. It also increased transparency and learning within Vietnam’s evaluation community of practice.

By working hand in hand with the Mission and implementing partners to strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning systems, we demonstrated the effectiveness of a collaborative approach to better use of data and evidence for decision-making.

MSI is the leading provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning support to USAID. We are currently supporting several other Missions, including Afghanistan, Senegal, Indonesia and the Middle East and North Africa.




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