Scaling Up to Reach Education Goals

We work with USAID to expand schooling to girls and boys worldwide using our scaling up toolkit
We work to help donors and governments scale up effective education interventions across national education systems so that small interventions ultimately reach many people.

There is an urgent need for scaling up in education. The UN adopted Sustainable Development Goal 4 in 2015, which calls for inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all. Signatory countries, including the United States, are working to do more to meet that target.

USAID’s Education Office works with many countries to increase the effectiveness of host country education systems. Building upon those foundations, we developed a global training course, “Scaling Up for Sustainability,” to efficiently train teams on the process and ultimately have global impact.

This training is based upon education case studies pulled from actual USAID programs. Participants apply scaling up in a workshop environment, so they will be equipped to apply what they learn to their actual work.

Specific issues covered in the scaling up education training include:

  • Building credible evidence of impact in a pilot project
  • Assessing institutional readiness and change necessary for a project to go to scale
  • Building a constituency for change and advocacy approach
  • Determining the intermediary functions necessary to shift from a pilot approach to a national scale approach
  • Monitoring and evaluating to measure effectiveness of the scaling up efforts




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