USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives: SWIFT 5 IDIQ

We support political transitions and stabilization efforts worldwide

MSI Awarded USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) SWIFT 5 Contract.

The SWIFT 5 contract builds upon our significant experience implementing OTI programs and activities to support political transitions and stabilization efforts in response to political crises.

Under the previous contract, MSI won four task orders: support for the Lebanon Community Resilience Initiative, the Colombia Transforma program and its follow on, and the Armenia Support Initiative (ASI) program.

In Lebanon, we worked to address localized conflict, empower youth, and strengthen civic participation. The program also helped to create safe spaces for moderate actors to provide alternative messaging to violent extremism and provide peaceful alternatives to violence.

In Colombia, we continue to support the Government of Colombia and civil society to implement the country’s peace accords that were ratified in 2016. The programming approach allows us to help improve the government’s ability to create rapid change in rural communities, promote collaboration, and mitigate destabilizing tensions.

We began working in Armenia in July 2019. The program focuses on coordination between donors and other U.S. agencies to support a peaceful transition to a democratic government. We will work closely with the new government to improve its ability to implement a reform agenda and deliver tangible outcomes in the areas of job creation, socio-economic reform and anti-corruption.

MSI is one of nine implementing partners awarded the SWIFT 5 IDIQ. The SWIFT 5 IDIQ has a seven-year period of performance between September 2019 and September 2026.




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