Working Across Teams to Provide M&E Support in Indonesia

We collaborate with USAID to measure performance and meet Mission needs
Since 2016, we have provided the USAID Mission in Indonesia with services that strengthen performance and promote learning.

With an emerging economy and a young population, Indonesia is considered a strategic partner to the United States. As such, it has the largest USAID portfolio in the region, with $135 million invested in almost 160 activities across the country.

To support this investment and the implementation of USAID/Indonesia’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy, we implement the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project (MESP). We provide a range of services in order to collect, manage and utilize performance information to reveal whether desired results are being achieved and how performance can be strengthened. We also build the performance capacity of USAID and other development stakeholders and promote a culture of collaboration, learning and adapting (CLA).

We have designed, implemented and completed more than 45 tasks to date, producing deliverables for every technical office in the Mission, as well as the program office, communications team, and the front office. We recently worked with multiple offices to develop a video that captured USAID’s expansive work in natural resources management over the past 25 years.

Our team also played a central role in the Mission’s Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR) discussion earlier this year. We convened 170 participants representing Indonesian government ministries and agencies, civil society organizations, academia and donor agencies, all of whom took an active part in the discussion. MSI is considered a pioneer in supporting Missions’ efforts to assess their progress toward the Journey to Self-Reliance.

By collaborating and actively engaging across teams, we have developed effective and efficient working relationships throughout the Mission, enabling us to work smoothly and efficiently to deliver services that address Mission needs.

MSI is a leading provider of monitoring, evaluation and learning support to USAID. We conduct similar activities all over the world, including in the Middle East and North Africa, Afghanistan and for the E3 Bureau based in Washington, D.C.




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