We work with governments and societies to manage socio-political transitions through fast, flexible assistance that takes advantages of windows of opportunity to build democracy and peace.

Our experience includes working with countries emerging from authoritarian rule to implement transparent, accountable, and participatory governance systems. We focus on community-level stabilization and establishing national and local authorities capable of meeting basic needs for security, economic welfare, and essential services. We emphasize close collaboration with local partners to build capacity, services, and legitimacy.

For instance, we work in partnership with local communities and authorities to leverage small grants in support of small-scale infrastructure projects and equipment procurement. We also design and implement micro-targeted approaches to peacebuilding and conflict mitigation in partnership with local private sector businesses.

We provide donors, and multilateral and regional organizations with continuous conflict analysis, context and situational aware monitoring, remote management platforms appropriate for conflict-affected environments, and nimble grantmaking to allow for rapid response. Focusing on public works, light infrastructure rehabilitation and livelihoods (jobs and small business grants), we help to lay the foundations for long-term development by promoting social cohesion and economic development.

Our work focuses on:

  • Building confidence and trust between host governments and communities through the development and construction of community-identified projects;
  • Increasing access to public information about host government social, economic, and political activities and policies;
  • Encouraging livelihood opportunities for at-risk youth and ex-combatants, including vocational training and small grants to support youth entrepreneurs;
  • Rehabilitating small-scale infrastructure projects related to economic recovery; and
  • Targeted cash-for-work projects to help recently resettled communities recover and jump-start livelihoods


Rodeina A. Fattah

Andrew Griminger

Diana Alexanderson Alvarez

Christopher Bathon

Dan Killian

Allison Poyac-Clarkin

Jennifer Ulman

Naeem Rasooly

Nate Griggs

Christy Martins

Kalinda Magloire




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