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Sub-Saharan Africa

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Despite issues with food insecurity, access to health care, governance and corruption, Africa’s positive trajectory can be accelerated with sustained support from global development professionals. We’ve worked across the continent for more than 20 years in partnership with local organizations and experts as progress has been made on many development fronts. Many countries […]

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North America

NORTH AMERICA Our innovative solutions are not just applied overseas. We apply the same analysis and critical thinking to important projects undertaken in the U.S. From a modest start in 1981 providing consultancy services to USAID, we now work with more than a dozen clients right here in the U.S. – from government agencies to

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Europe and Eurasia

EUROPE AND EURASIA From Kosovo to Tashkent, we have supported the development of a vibrant and free Europe and Eurasia for over 30 years. From data collection and analytics in the Baltics to legal education programming in Armenia, our work embodies evidence-based learning and ensures that policymakers use data to drive decisions. For instance, we

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