Increasing the Accountability and Effectiveness of Public Institutions in Jordan

We work with the Government of Jordan to strengthen their public institutions.
USAID’s Public Accountability and Justice Strengthening Activity (PAJ) will focus on assisting the Government of Jordan with increasing the accountability and effectiveness of public institutions.

Jordan’s current political and economic challenges stem from a number of factors that have created tension in the citizen-state relationship. These factors include limited oversight and accountability of government functions, a weak judiciary and uneven application of the law. In addition, poor communication between the government and the public have contributed to growing disillusionment in the government and stagnating economic growth, compounded by the highest unemployment rate in 20 years.

Simultaneously, the country is witnessing evolving gender roles, limited employment opportunities for youth, and a continued presence of Syrian refugees. The King of Jordan has tasked the government to take measures to reform the economy, combat corruption, implement good governance practices across the public sector, and enhance public confidence in the government.

Building on lessons learned from our work with 16 government institutions under previous projects, MSI, A Tetra Tech Company, will work with the Government of Jordan to improve service delivery across multiple sectors. Specifically, MSI will:

  • Strengthen accountability systems, procedures, and mechanisms within government institutions to improve service delivery and protection of human rights,
  • Support the justice sector by promoting access to justice, equal application of the law, and an independent judiciary, and
  • Enhance the government’s ability to respond to public demand for government transparency, rule of law, and the protection of human rights while engaging with civil society organizations, the public, and the private sector.

For example, PAJ will work with the Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC) to develop an implementation plan for their 2020-2025 strategy to deliver on commitments made under the UN Convention Against Corruption.

Since 2004, Tetra Tech has implemented reforms and interventions that have resulted in substantial progress towards a more efficient and effective judicial system that helped to institutionalize gains in judicial independence, access to justice, and confidence of the public and businesses in the judicial system. The Public Accountability and Justice Strengthening Activity builds on these successes by working with multiple government institutions to operationalize Jordan’s international commitments to human rights and transparency.




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