Evaluation and Research

We provide comprehensive evaluation and research services to help clients understand and document what works and what doesn’t, and the reasons behind success or failure.

We ensure that our evaluation and research services are innovative and meet the highest quality standards by leveraging one of the largest pools of full-time E&R experts in the industry (over 120 in the field and home office combined).

Using rigorous social science research methods, and with a relentless view toward learning and use, we annually conduct roughly 70 evaluations, assessments and special studies under ongoing USAID Mission and Bureau-level Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning support projects. We also carry out related work under indefinite quantity contracts and other contracting arrangements with USAID, the U.S. Department State, the U.S. Department of Labor and other organizations.

Our evaluation services include:

  • Evaluability assessments
  • Performance evaluations
  • Final (summative) evaluations
  • Whole-of-project evaluations
  • Ex-post evaluations
  • Impact evaluations
  • experimental research trials
  • Quasi- and non-experimental research design
  • Implementation of fidelity monitoring; and
  • Meta-evaluations

We foster continual learning and improvement through our MELCOM community of practice, which brings together field teams and home office technical staff to share best practices, innovative approaches, and practical tools to help make us better practitioners.

Additionally, we maintain an extensive online technical resource library and an online repository of templates, checklists, and other tools used for core business processes available to all staff.

We also maintain an Evaluation Handbook which covers all stages of our evaluation approach, including planning, evaluation design, fieldwork preparation, data collection, analysis, report writing, peer review, dissemination and utilization.


Joseph Christoff

Michelle Adams-Matson

Diana Alexanderson Alvarez

Betsy Bury

Carolyn Fonseca

Jeremy Gans

Amanda Janczak

Dan Killian

Claire Nowlin

Barbara Pando-Behnke

Tim Reilly

Leah Sly

Gwynne Zodrow

Naeem Rasooly

Gustavo Castillo



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